Alison Dey Coaching

Has your life become stuck in a daily rut? Are you the reason that you are still stuck?

Anything that is limiting you from being the person you want to be can be overcome through Coaching. I want to help you to move forward, leave the past behind and fulfil your potential to live your ideal life. I can help you make the changes that you need to make, even if you are not aware of what those changes are.

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No matter what it is you want to change within yourself, I can help you
with many different changes. Including:

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • New Job

  • Promotion

  • Healthier Lifestyle

  • Happier Relationships, both personal & professional

  • Phobias

How It Works

I seamlessly blend coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to effect change in each and every client ensuring that they achieve their desired results and enable them to move forward and start living the life they want.

  • Are you ready for change

  • Are you ready to challenge yourself?

  • Are you committed to putting time and effort into making the change?

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